Maria Bogdani

Property valuation expert – qualifications No. 139 of 1992 granted by the Minister of Spatial Development and Construction. Specializes in solving complex issues pertaining to property and property rights valuation. In particular, she resolves difficulties involving land property rights to development and investment land, commercial real estate, i.e. office buildings, hotels, properties of historical significance, and other properties, for the purposes of:

  • closing purchase and sales contracts
  • establishing facts on which investment decisions may be based, including analysis of alternative solutions,
  • producing financial documentation for real estate in-kind contributions to companies,
  • assessing value of assets to be pledged as collateral against credit claims,
  • obtaining damages for expropriated property,
  • obtaining damages for negative effects of development decisions (re-zoning fee),
  • calculating fees for perpetual usufruct of land,
  • dividing assets of natural and legal persons in fair manner,
  • calculating lease fees,
  • insuring real estate,
  • demarcation of elements within a given real property with various rates of depreciation

Educational background

  • MSc in civil engineering, Technical University of Cracow/Cracow, Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • MA in the history of art, Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Philosophy and History
  • Postgraduate programme - Cracow University of Economics, Department of Real Estate Economics and investment Process


  • property valuation expert - qualifications No. 139 of 1992 granted by the Minister of Spatial Development and Construction
  • real estate agent - licence no. 1758 of 2001 granted by the Minister of Spatial Development and Construction Engineering
  • REV - Recognized European Valuer - European professional recognition award 2008
  • expert of the District Court in Cracow in real estate valuation


  • British Council – University of Reading UK, College of Estate Management 1998
  • Batory Foundation – Oxford University UK, Corpus Christi College 1997
  • “Europa Nostra – Heritage Estates Management Program: London, York, Edinburgh UK , 1994

Professional and teaching activity

  • 2001 - 2007 CitiBank Handlowy - Collateral Manager for South Poland Region - Real Estates & Machinery of CitiBank Clients (Firms and Companies)
  • 1999 -2000 USAID (US Agency for International Development) -Manager of Land Development Programme within LGPP
  • lecturer in postgraduate programme in the Faculty of Architecture in Technical University of Cracow – investment in and valuation of properties of historical significance and calculation of re-zoning fees - since 2001
  • co-organizer of the nationwide WAZA Conference on valuation of properties of historical significance - since 1997
  • member of Arbitration Commission at the Polish Federation of Property Appraisal Associations - since 2010
  • member of the Evaluation Committee at the Lesser Poland Association of Property Appraisers - since 2012
  • co-author of assumptions for the professional standard of property valuers - Standard V.3 "Historical Property Valuation"
  • author of a number of articles in industry magazines and presentations delivered at conferences concerning real estate valuation and investment
  • co-author, with prof. Zbigniew K. Zuziak, of publication: "Co-operation between Municipal Authorities and developers," LGPP, Warsaw 2000

Certyfikates and diplomas

Heritage property valuation expert

One of a few specialists in Poland.

Below there is a list of 70 subjects of heritage property valuations done within the last 15 years in chronological order.

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