Market analyses

Becoming a market expert is a long process of observing market phenomena, their repeatability, trend analysis and prediction of sine wave behaviour (bear market and bull market).

It is impossible to predict the behaviour of the real estate market in the long term without regular market analyses of various types of real estate markets (e.g. investment land in Podgórze and Nowa Huta, retail premises in the city centre, land for developers’ investments in detached houses in Cracow County).

Company valuation and real estate, being a signatory of the Walor program – system for collecting data about the real estate market, has access to a collection of almost 300,000 transactions of various types of real estate (land, premises and built-up parcels) which have taken place in Cracow and in the majority of Lesser Poland region in the last dozen plus years. This collection provides a basis on which to carry out market analyses and predict market trens.

The market analyses group includes the analysis of investment potential, e.g. of the selected plot / investment field needed by developers to make a decision regarding the purchase of such plot. 


Typically, analysis is performed in several variants, including:

  • current state: e.g. land intended for the construction of detached houses
  • state after obtaining a building permit
  • state after completing the investment to the shell and core stage
  • market investment costs based on the analysis of:
    • e.g. land market in Bolechowice in the background of land market in the northern part of Zabierzów municipality (data from notarial acts),
    • primary market of residential units in shell and core detached houses in Zabierzów municipality (data from notarial acts and offers of residential units for sale on the primary market)
    • current price lists for buildings and finished houses catalogues.


In the analyses of the investment potential of a given parcel of land the following are aditionally included:

  • levels of construction costs (from – to)
  • transaction and unit price levels of similar residential complexes (as detached houses and residential units in detached houses)
  • total sales period of developers’ investments which are similar to the planned one
  • cost of investment preparation
  • profit level (with a plot and without a plot).

The result of the analysis is the profitability recommendation for investments in a particular property for both investment opportunities (highest and best use) resulting from the local spatial development plan or Decision on Land Development and Management Conditions and the level of possible developer’s profit from the investment.

Heritage property valuation expert

One of a few specialists in Poland.

Below there is a list of 70 subjects of heritage property valuations done within the last 15 years in chronological order.

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