Consulting, agency services

Consulting in real estate investments combines two functions: on one hand, it means being a true expert, a knowledgeable person in a certain field. On the other hand – being a confidant, trustee for the investor.

The long process of becoming a market expert involves not only thorough observation of market phenomena and their repeatability but also analysing trends and forecasting their behaviour (bear market and bull market).

It is impossible to predict behaviour of the real estate market in the long run without analysing real estate markets on regular basis. Our activities pertain to, for instance, investment land in Podgórze and Nowa Huta, retail premises in the city centre, land for developers’ investments in detached houses in Cracow County, etc. 

Real estate agency activities

Being a real estate agency means carrying out certain activities upon customer’s request, e.g. looking for properties meeting our clients’ expectations, whereby the search is based on the capacity of the market at a certain moment. An agent should not only be the trustee of the investor and his confidant. An agent should be an objective expert having sound knowledge of market processes. On top of that, it is only constant observation of market phenomena and their analysis which allow agents to become top specialists in their field.

The Real Estate Valuation and Management Company (Pl. Firma Wycena i Obsługa Nieruchomości) performs a dual role – under the licence granted in 2001 by the Minister of Spatial Development and Construction, it is authorised not only to act as a real estate agent but also to conduct ongoing analyses of the real estate market and hence, be a real estate market adviser.

Heritage property valuation expert

One of a few specialists in Poland.

Below there is a list of 70 subjects of heritage property valuations done within the last 15 years in chronological order.

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