Valuation of the Bug River properties

The term the Bug river property denotes property abandoned by the Poles forcibly displaced from the ‘Eastern Borderlands’ (Pl. Kresy Wschodnie), which belonged to Poland before World War II. The Poles were expelled from the Borderlands in the period of 1944 and 1952 under ‘Republican Pacts of 1944,’ concluded between the Polish Committee of National Liberation and the authorities of Ukrainian SSR (Soviet Socialist Republic), Lithuanian SSR and Belarusian SSR. The document contained provisions under which the Polish government was obliged to return the Bug river property abandoned by the Borderland Poles in form of compensation of equivalent value.

In the first years after the war had finished, only a small group of the injured parties obtained compensation; further applications for compensation were granted pursuant to the Act of 8 July 2005 ‘On implementation of the right for compensation arising from abandoning property outside the current borders of the Republic of Poland‘ under which the amount of compensation was limited to 20% of the lost property value.



Our Specializations

Real Estate Valuation and Management specializes mainly in valuation ​​of the Bug river property, the value of which is the basis for assessing the due compensation. Borderland Poles may receive compensation as a benefit paid in cash from the Compensation Fund or in the form of crediting the value of the property abandoned outside the current Polish borders towards:

  • selling prices of the real estate being the property of the State Treasury, or
  • selling price of the right to perpetual land usufruct which the State Treasury is entitled to, or the fees for the perpetual usufruct of land owned by State Treasury and selling prices of buildings and equipment located thereon, or alternatively the fee for transforming the right to the perpetual usufruct of the State Treasury land into ownership rights.

In each case, compensation is assessed upon valuation of a property abandoned by its pre-war owner in Eastern Borderlands. 


Valuation reports for the Bug river property produced by the team of Real Estate Valuation and Management covered, for example:

  • tenement houses in Lviv situated at the following streets: Asnyka, Akademitska, Jagiellonian, Kochanowski, Malczewski, Murarska, Muchna, Piskova, Square, Słowacki, Solodova, Dmytra Bortnyans’koho, Dzhokhar Dudaev, Zakharijevycha, and in Vilnius, Piłsudskiego
  • villas, family houses with gardens in Lviv situated at the following streets: Śmigowa, Dywizyjna, Kopystynskiego, Oleksandra Myshuhy and large commercial areas in Lviv (Pekarska – a horticultural farm of over 2 ha with utility buildings)
  • recreational properties in Ukraine – located in the suburbs outside Lviv: villas in Brzuchowice; villas in Truskawiec, Drohobych Raion, Lviv Province and the ones located in Hutsulshchyna (Manastersko, Kosiv Raion, Stanisławów Province)
  • Residential buildings with industrial plants in the cities – Ternopil Province: Peremyshliany, Sobieskiego Streets – residential building with a large workshop specialising in arts, carpentry and sculpture, as well as farm buildings; Monastyryska, Krasickiego St., Buchach Raion and Volhynian Province: Berestechko, Wronowskiego St. (Ukraine) and Brest, Tryszyńska – large horticultural farm with an orchard in Polesie Province (Belarus)
  • manors, castles and palaces, as well as park sites – castle in Svirzh estate, Peremyshliany Raion, Ternopil Province; palace in Bolshovtsy, Rohatyn Raion, Stanisławów Province; mansion in Sushchyn, Ternopil Raion, Ternopil Province; mansion in Buyaniv, Zhydachiv Raion, Stanisławów Province (Ukraine) and Strihov, Tevla Municipality, Kobryn Raion, Polesia Province (Belarus)
  • Land estates – from several hundred to several thousand hectares of agricultural land and forests, as well as farm buildings, including stables, cowsheds, forges, barns, distilleries, mills and terrain with mineral deposits (Buyaniv and Dubravka, Zhydachiv Raion, Stanisławów Province; Szkalandryna, Bibrka Raion, Lviv Province; Sushchyn and Ostalce, Terebovlia Raion, Ternopil Province; Svirzh, Peremyshliany Raion, Ternopil Province (Ukraine), Red Manor and Józefowo, Sharkawshchyna Municipality, Dysna Region, Vilnius Province; Hamernia, Nemencine Region, Vilnius Region, Vilnius Province (Lithuania); Strihov and Turosa, Tewla Municipality, Kobryn Raion, Kobryn, Polesia Province; Leniewicze, Dmitroviche Municipality, Brest Region, Polesia Province (Belarus) and small agricultural properties with residential and farm buildings in cities, e.g. Borschiv, Ternopil Province, and in villages, e.g. Plashova, Dubno Raion, Volhynia Province (Ukraine).

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