Valuation of renovation and park revitalization expenditures for the listed property complex Palace & Park in Szczekociny incurred during the period from 25th July 2003 – till 18th January 2008.

The Szczekociny Palace & Park complex founded by the Dembinski family and build by Jan Ferdynand Nax in late Baroque style was one of the most magnificent  magnate residences of eighteenth-century Poland.  Currently the property consists of  9 buildings: the palace, two arcade galleries, two manors and two guardhouses by the main entry gate on 6,42 ha plot with an landscape park.  Total buildings  floor space  1738,59 sqm.

Valuation was ordered by the County Court in Częstochowa. Analysis of  capital expenditures was prepared on a base of the comparative approach considering  condition of the property and the state of market for the two dates mentioned above – August 2018.