Valuation of the Palace in Rudniki, Opalenica commune, voivodeship Greater

Market value of the neoclassical Palace in Runikach located in a historic park with an area of 1,6120 ha together with the ownership right to buildings and structures forming the real estate development, including the so-called folk house – a former community center. Additionally, as part of determining outlays for a folk house, its replacement value was determined.

The valued property was returned to the heirs of pre-war owners based on the decision of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development as not falling under the action of art. 2 clause 1 lit. e) “Decree of the Polish Committee of National Liberation of September 6, 1944 on the implementation of the land reform”.

Purpose – to estimate the market value of real estate rights for the needs of its potential purchase by the Opalenica Municipality and for the needs of settlements between the Parties in terms of expenditure on a folk house. The value of the property was determined in a comparative approach based on market transactions with similar palace and park complexes mainly from the Wielkopolska region.

August 2019.