Valuation of other properties

In addition to conducting valuation analyses of properties of historic significance and properties abandoned beyond the Bug river, we also specialize in several types of valuation. We like cases which seem to be straightforward at first glance, yet are not such in fact. We are also keen on dealing with apparently complicated matters which can be simplified:


Investment and development lands

  • calculating market value of properties for such purposes as mortgage, contribution in kind, purchase, sale, etc.
  • calculating the value of a property following from a certain project and investment method
  • optimizing the funds being invested with regard to the maximum value that the property will hold after the investment project is complete as well as conducting analysis of alternative options
  • calculating the value of land taken over for public roads with the aim of obtaining damages by injured parties
  • estimating the loss or increase in land value following from their new use in the new zoning plan
  • updating fees related to perpetual usufruct of land

Built-up commercial estates

  • valuation of hotel properties - individual chained-brand hotels and facilities, e.g. Best Western and RT Hotels; experience gained in several dozen appraisals of three-, four-, and five-star hotels, including chained-brand hotels in Cracow, Warsaw, Wrocław and Zakopane as well as historic buildings adapted for hotels of different standards and in different locations.
  • valuation of real estate for office purposes - experience gained in dozens of appraisals where the income approach methodology is applied, e.g.: valuation of office building complex Kraków Business Park (usable office area of more than 62,000m2)
  • market value appraisal of industrial and warehouse facilities - comparative and income approach methods applied
  • calculating the market value of commercial properties for such purposes as mortgage, contribution in kind, purchase, sale, etc.
  • determining rental fees (rent and lease agreements), as above.
  • calculating the replacement value of real estate for insurance purposes

Developed residential and business properties

  • calculating the value of tenement houses and analysing optimal way of their development (dividing properties into residential apartments and business establishments, or adapting entire buildings for commercial uses: offices, retail stores, hotels and others; attic conversions, superstructures, backyard development etc.)

Commercial premises

  • calculating market value for different purposes, e.g. mortgage, contribution in kind, purchase, sale, etc.

The above issues are related to the optimal use of the potential of a certain real property, i.e. to the search for such a way of its development, which, being real and legal, is physically possible, financially feasible and imparts the highest value to the real property.

Heritage property valuation expert

One of a few specialists in Poland.

Below there is a list of 70 subjects of heritage property valuations done within the last 15 years in chronological order.

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